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boost immunity

all natural supplements and nootropics

functional mushrooms &
hemp derived products

our hand crafted, all natural supplements, organic functional mushrooms (non-psychedelic), and all natural hemp products work with the body and mind to not only help cope with but to overcome a variety of common conditions we face in the modern world.

breathwork and meditation

breathwork &

become a member and receive lifetime access to all of our online breathwork and meditation instruction techniques that have been carefully crafted to fit a variety of different lifestyles. members receive 10% off all retail items as well as several other benefits.

lions mane mushroom
medicinal functional mushrooms reishi shitake maitake
hemp, cbd, cbn cannabis


in todays fast paced world we sometimes forget to do the most important thing we can do for our bodies…breathe! at breath of life botanicals we offer a variety of alternative healing modalities to help you get through the rigor of life. whether you want to take a quick five minute meditation reset or fully immerse yourself in an intensive breathwork program we have a solution for you. our line of herbal supplements and tinctures has been hand selected to work synergistically with our therapies to create a full experience for the body, mind, and spirit.

we hope you will join us on our journey of self-realization and healing; if that’s not your thing that’s fine too but at least try some turkey tail!

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buddah meditation

our natural supplements in conjunction with daily breathwork and meditation practice can be just the thing that help us cope with work related stress, general anxiety, self esteem issues, and societal pressures.

who we are

breath of life botanicals is a family owned and operated business founded in carefree, az. our mission is empowering natural bliss. this is accomplished by giving individuals the tools and resources needed to help themselves find peace and improve their health by using the methods and products found on this site. we work with our regional network of suppliers to provide only the finest quality, natural supplements and tinctures and have carefully created our teachings to be non-dogmatic and approachable.  as an earth focused company our headquarters are solar powered and  we pride ourselves on using post consumer recycled/recyclable packaging materials and limiting the use of plastics whenever possible. 


*these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

**breath of life botanicals is not a licensed healthcare provider, the information contained on this site is intended to inform and educate. please consult your healthcare professional to make sure there are no contraindications to our products or services.

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